The Foundation for the Advancement of Musicians Empowerment is a Non-profit Organisation founded to provide pro bono* legal guidance and support to South African musicians.


We have a mission to empower musicians to confidently navigate the complex music industry through knowledge, education, guidance and support, while providing the necessary tools required to successfully manage the various rights surrounding music and musical careers, ultimately advancing the South African music industry to the benefit of all.

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Legal Education and Empowerment ‘s goal is to empower every musician with the necessary legal knowledge to protect themselves.

We will host and facilitate workshops and lectures specific to musicians’ rights and the legalities of the music industry in South Africa.

Legal Guidance has a vision for every musician to have access to legal guidance, and we aim to provide this in abundance.

Sometimes the only thing required is someone to tell you what to do next, so ask.

Legal Related Support provides pro bono legal support to South African musician in legal matters relating to the music industry.

Although we ultimately want to assist every musician, due to current resource restraints we unfortunately need to evaluate the merits of each matter before we are able to assist therein.